Fleet Tyre Management

Fleet Management

Shing Tak Tyre has been supplying tires and providing fleet management services for commercial customers for many years, reducing tire driving costs and improving fleet efficiency, including the following:

  • Multi-brand tyre supply - provide tyres at different prices, and customers can choose the tyres that meet the company's needs.



  • Mileage and Tyre Life Tracking - Collect data from fleet tyres to provide customers with complete fleet analysis and predict tyre life.



  • All 11 branches for you - 11 stores in Kowloon and New Territories make it easy for customers to go to the nearest branch for repairs.



  • Mobile On-Site Service Vehicles - Our technicians can come to the customer's requested location for tyre change services.



  • 24-Hour Road Rescue - Commercial customers can enjoy a discounted 24-hour road rescue service in Hong Kong.



  • Quarterly Reports - Consolidates data and analyzes each vehicle, providing quarterly detailed reports, allowing customers to accurately learn fleet tyre and battery costs.



  • Online Platform -Provides an online login platform for customers. They can log in at any time to view records and data.


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